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  *Reasons for the formation of tooth decay?*  
  1 tooth decay is not caused by insects, dirty areas are remnants of the tooth surface food debris, bacteria make corruption acid, acid decalcification of the teeth from cavities that is tooth decay.2 meat stink of corruption, corruption rice sour, acid will decay, especially cakes and other sweets will most tooth decay.3. Saliva too little too thick, easy to tooth decay.4 drinking water contains fluoride areas were less tooth decay.  

  *How to prevent tooth decay?*  
  "Decay" medically known as dental caries, tooth surface by the adhesion of S. mutans in dental plaque in the sugar and food starch glycolytic acid production, defects in tooth demineralization gradually formed.Therefore, to prevent tooth decay must be removed from the plaque, reducing sugar intake, and acid resistance of teeth to improve several aspects.1, the right brush: This is an effective way to remove plaque.2, a reasonable diet: sweets which contain large quantities of sugar and starch.3, regularly check: Because the early symptoms of dental caries and not readily detectable until the pain when the rush to the hospital, this time often have missed a good time for treatment.  

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