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Service contains:
1, Two year free warranted beginning from the date you receive, maintenance provided during the whole life cycle of this product.

2, Irreparable damage to equipment caused by non-designated service personnel are not belongs to free warrant.

Common failures and troubleshooting:




Insufficiency light

low battery

Change battery

Bulb damage

Change bulb

Light guide damage

Change light guide

The device can not

turn on or turn


Low voltage


Battery damage

Change battery

LED damage

Change LED

Charging indicate

LED doesn't bright

The terminal in the hand piece,and base doesní»t contact well

Adjust the hand piece position;make sure it's well contacted.

Charging program self-protected

Reconnect the Adapter.

Adaptor is in bad contact

Check if the Adaptor is contact well, if the plug is damaged, change the plug

Battery can't charging

Battery is not well contact with charge terminal

Clean the terminal with Alcohol,and reload the battery .

Battery is over discharging and self-protected

Put the light curing into base,make sure it's well contacted then connect the power.

If the problem still caní»t be resolved according the troubleshooting, please contact the dealer or call our service center: +86 579 86771316

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